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Natural Bully Sticks, Dog Treats And Chews.

Dogs are irresistibly adorable and cute, except when they’re gnawing on shoes, furniture and other valuables that they can get their little paws and teeth on. Good thing bully sticks can keep them busy and satisfy their teething. You’ve probably heard of them before, but what makes My Bully Sticks different?

Bully sticks, also known as beef pizzles, are chewable and easy-to-digest treats made from high-protein ingredients like beef muscle. They may look all the same but they aren’t. There are some cheap sticks riddled with chemicals to mask either the smell or the poor quality.

At My Bully Sticks, our natural chews are safe for pets. Our dog treats are 100% natural – they are made from the highest quality free range and grass fed beef in South America. No chemicals and other additives. For your peace of mind, our best bully sticks are manufactured and inspected in a strict USDA approved and compliant facility.

Rawhides can be a choking hazard for dogs – they can break into small pieces and cause blockage. They aren’t really tummy friendly too. They can upset your dog’s stomach because they are very hard to digest. Single ingredient bully sticks are safer for dogs.

Our treats for dogs are fully digestible and offer a myriad of benefits like a healthy dose of protein and other vitamins and minerals. They are great for pups and adults’ dental health too. It can scrape away accumulated plaque and tartar, keeping dogs teeth and gums healthy.

Whether you have a chihuahua or a golden retriever, you can always find the right bully stick in all shapes and sizes. We have the best bully sticks in different sizes so you can finally find the right treat for your furry little friend’s chewing style and preference. Length ranges from under 4” all the way up to 18.” Thickness is not a problem too. You can order thin, standard, thick, jumbo and even monster for that aggressive chewer. How about the scent? All our 100% bully sticks are available in natural scent (low odor) and odor free.

We know dogs can be very picky when it comes to treats. To cater to your dogs preferences, we have other kinds of natural dog chews. Don’t worry, they are equally delicious and nutritious as our famous odor free bully sticks. You can get jerky for dogs, elk antlers for dogs, dog bones, pig ears and more.

Alongside with our high-quality, delicious and 100% all-natural dog chews, My Bully Sticks is proud to offer fast, free shipping to all pet parents on orders over $49!. All products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee – that’s how confident we are with our bully sticks. We also have a 5% rewards program so you can order more delicious treats for your furry companion and save money. Try today and see why dogs love us. My Bully Sticks Coupons.